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Concerts and theater performances

As one of the services that the BIT Events agency deals with is the organization of concerts and theater performances of famous musical and acting interpreters, with the desire to provide an atmosphere for additional completion of time and enjoyment of concerts, plays, stand-up performances and similarly. So far, in the Youth Theater in Novi Sad, we have realized a motivational performance by Siniša Ubović, a few stand-up performances by Dragan Marinković Maca, and a concert by Lena Kovačević, dancing performance „Živka“. In the coming period, the following performances are scheduled:

  • January 28th, SPENS Amphitheater, Novi Sad – Ene Rajić’s satirical and poetic SHOW
  • February 15th and 16th, Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad – Dragan Marinković “Kakva ti je žena, takav ti je život”
  • March 19th, Serbian National Theater, Novi Sad – Concert by Goran Karan
  • April 2nd, Serbian National Theater, Novi Sad – Concert by Sergej Ćetković

All tickets are available on the Gigstix website and box office.

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